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Family Genealogy - sabine, andrew

Diaries of Mrs Doctor Andrew Sabine of Garden City, KS



Shields, Mrs John H, transcribed from original manuscripts for



FL State DAR Gen Report 1993

59 p






family genealogy - sabine / brown

Sabine, Dr Andrew d Feb 1915 Garden City, Finney, KS;






Brown, Nannie C sp m 1879 Washington, DC







Family Genealogy - saferite / covault

Eli Saferite & Descendants

Albright, Mrs Gaylon





Family Genealogy - sage

Red Trails & White, The Mysterious Life of Caty Sage

Ball, Bonnie

Expostion Press New York 1955


62 p


Family Genealogy - salmans

History of the Salmans Family

Salmans, Levi Brimner

Facsimile of University Microfilm 1973


189 p


Family Genealogy - salmans

Salmans Family History

Foreman, Joyce M (Lyon)



244 p


family genealogy - saltsman

Saltsman Family Research

Rooney, Mrs Doris D Dodge City KS





family genealogy - saltsman

Saltsman in Montgomery Co New York Surrogate's Office, Fonda New York from Index 1966 27 Jun 1972

copied by Ryon, Carol A





family genealogy - sample / monner

Sample, Charles b ca 1900 KS;






Monner, Agnes sp m 21 Aug 1933 Clark Co, WA







family genealogy - samuel / pitts / sleet / petty

SAMUEL, Philemon mar 12 Oct 1815 VA






PITTS, Maria Lindsey







SLEET, Philip mar 30 Sep 1816 VA







PETTY, Nancy Ann







Family Genealogy - sander / fessler

Descendants of William Sander & Catherine Fessler, His Wife

Saunders, Charles H Anderson, IN 1981





Family Genealogy - sanders, j y

Diary in Gray, Civil War Journal of J Y Sanders

Sanders, Mary Elizabeth, editor & annotator 1994



113 p


family genealogy - Sanders / saunders

Henry Saunders born 16 Nov 1703, died 17 Oct 1772,






married Anna Elizabeth born Aug 1701, died 23 May 1750;







Settled in Pennsylvania, Coming from Holland



Saunders family group sheets; will of Jacob Sanders 1795




Family Genealogy - sandford, isaac

Isaac Sandford Family 1796-1975

Schlee, Phillip F, compiler



244 p


Family Genealogy - sandzen

American Magazine of Art, Jan 1927



The Art of Birger Sandzen by Elizabeth Jane Merrill, Toledo Museum of Art; published by Bethany College of Fine Arts, Lindsborg, KS; Letter from



Birger Sandzen to Mrs Walter F Wright

4 p






Family Genealogy - sapp - newsletter

Sapp Family Association, v 1:1 (1988)






Family Genealogy - sargent

Story of Captain Redford Webster Sargent (1844-1901) Son of






Amos & Julia Hanscom Sargent

Sargent, Cecilia Vennard



96 p



Family Genealogy - sargent, james

James Sargent of Maryland & His Descendants

Darnell, Frances Carter, compiler Clarksville, AR 1977


Rev Version in the KS DAR Library

99 p


family genealogy - sargent. William

Sargent Record William Sargent of Ipswich, Newbury, Hampton, Salisbury






and Amesbury, New England, U.S.

Sargent, Edwin Everett

Caledonian Co Printers & Publishers St Johnsbury VT 1899


331 p



Family Genealogy - sauder

Sauder Family, Stalwarts of the Sunflower State, 1854-1973

Parish, Dr & Mrs Tom 1974



88 p


Family Genealogy - sauder

Wheelin' & Dealin' The Memoirs of Dan E Sauder

Sauder, Dan E



112 p


Family Genealogy - sauer / mar / stoecklein

Sauer Family in Russia & America; The History & Genealogy of John Conrad & Anna Marie Mar Sauer & John George & Anna Margaret Stoecklein Sauer

Issinghoff, Martha Stremel, compiler

Spearville News Spearville, KS 1991


252 p


family genealogy - saunders

Descendants of Henry Saunders b 16 Nov 1703 Lancaster County,






Pennsylvania, d 17 Oct 1772







Family Genealogy - sawyer - periodical

Bibliography of Paul Sawyer, American Artist, 1865-1917, v 37:121:270-82






Family Genealogy - scarborough / haworth

Some Quaker Families, Scarborough - Haworth, Vol 1

Boone, Roger S, compiler

Marjorie Morgan 1991


768 p


Family Genealogy - scarborough / haworth

Some Quaker Families Scarborough - Haworth, Vol 2

Boone, Roger S, compiler

Marjorie Morgan 1992


576 p


Family Genealogy - scarborough / haworth

Some Quaker Families, Scarborough - Haworth, Vol 3

Boone, Roger S, compiler

Marjorie Morgan 1992


729 p


Family Genealogy - scarborough / haworth

Some Quaker Families Scarborough - Haworth, Vol 4

Boone, Roger S, compiler

Marjorie Morgan 1993


519 p


Family Genealogy - scarborough / haworth

Some Quaker Families Scarborough - Haworth, Vol 5

Boone, Roger S, compiler

Marjorie Morgan 1993


1375 p


Family Genealogy - scarborough / haworth

Some Quaker Families Scarborough - Haworth, Vol 6 Index

Boone, Roger S, compiler

Marjorie Morgan 1994


720 p


family genealogy - scarborough / haworth

Some Quaker Families - Scarborough - Haworth Vol 7

Morgan, Marjorie & Scarbrough, Lowell E Stanton, CA 1997



584 p


family genealogy - schartner

Schartner Family Reunion Records August 2 & 3, 1970 Pioneer Hall,






Freeman, South Dakota

Schartner Reunion Committee



75 p

table of contents


Family Genealogy - schartner, john

Schartner, Rev John, A History & Record of the Schartner Family

Smith, Eldon Edward

Herald Book & Printing Co, Inc Newton, KS 1952


190 p


Family Genealogy - schartzer - newsletter

Schartzer - Schertzer Connect, v 5:1 (1988)




9 p


family genealogy - scheibeler / erbentraut

Scheibeler / Erbentraut - Family Genealogy






family genealogy - scheibeler / erbentraut

Scheibeler / Erbentraut - Family Genealogy






family genealogy - scheibeler / erbentraut

Scheibler, John A m 1865;






Erbentraut, Johanna Augusta d 11 Feb 1901 Delphos, Ottawa, KS







Family Genealogy - scherer

Scherer Family of Montgomery Co, IL

Sanders, Walter R, compiler 1959



57 p


family genealogy - scherer, ambrose H.

Scherer Family Genealogy, Descendents of Ambrose H. Scherer

Scherer, Simon P. & Fertig, Dayton D.  Sept, 1938



10 p


family genealogy - schinzler

SCHINZLER, Robert William b Jun 1882 PA






Family Genealogy - schleppi

Descendants of Hans Ulrich Schleppi

Schleppi, Robert Samuel

Gateway Press Inc Baltimore, MD 1977


254 p


family genealogy - schleuger / scheucher

Schleuger, Maggie b ca 1908 KS;






Schleuger, Lorie / _____, Kattie







family genealogy - schmidt, abraham

Descendants of Abraham Schmidt

Buller, Galen



14 p


family genealogy - schmidt, angeline / hotz

Schmidt, Angeline m 1891 Hanover, Washington, KS;






Hotz, John sp







family genealogy - schmidt / boese / schroeder

August Schmidt, Martin Boese, Peter Schroeder






and Andrew Unruh Family Records

Kliever, Mary Schmidt



94 p



Family Genealogy - schmidt, peter t

Genealogy of the Family of Peter T Schmidt

Boese, Barbara, compiler



12 p


family genealogy - schmidt / ratzlaff

Andreas Schmidt and Ancke Ratzlaff Family

Duerken, J A





family genealogy - schmidt / unruh

History and Genealogy of David F and Anna (Unruh) Schmidt 1845 - 1992

Smith, Lincoln

Multi Business Press Hillsboro KS  1994


989 p


Family Genealogy - schmidt, wilhelm

Wilhelm Schmidt

Kohl, Susanne A

Heritage Books, Inc Bowie, MD 1995


83 p


family genealogy - schminke / werner

Schminke, Henry d 26 Jan 1933 Ensign, Gray, KS;






Schwartz, Bertha (Werner) sp b Prussia







family genealogy - schnabel, henry / smith

Schnabel, Henry Joseph b 1 Apr 1884 Kinsley, Edwards, KS;






Smith, Lulu Pearl sp b 17 Jul 1891 Independence, Montgomery, KS







family genealogy - schneider, thos

Schneider, Thomas (1880-1954) m 1904






family genealogy - schnettler / maas

SCHNETTLER, Elizabeth Mair b 1856 GER mar ca 1875






MAAS, Nicholas b GER d 1917 Gas Allen Co KS







Family Genealogy - schonberg / cotta

Chronicles of the Schonberg - Cotta Family; A Tale of the Reformation

Charles, Mrs Andrew



430 p


Family Genealogy - schonnagel / shinogle

Schonnagel (Shinogle) Family Genealogy

Parks, Mrs Katie (Shinogle) & Malcom, Mrs Bonnie (Shinogle)



96 p


family genealogy - schreck / weilborg

Schreck, Sophia d 18 Nov 1912 Leavenworth, Leavenworth, KS;






Weelborg, Fredrick sp d 2 Jan 1890 Leavenworth, Leavenworth, KS







Family Genealogy - schreitzer / kaes

Descendants of Christina Schreitzer & Johannes Kaes

Bastian, M Eilein (Rosebrook) & Fast, Barbara Eilein (Bastian)



16 p


Family Genealogy - schrepel, dottie mae

Dottie Mae Hink Schrepel Funeral Card, 1995






Family Genealogy - schroter / schmidt

Schroter Family (Descendants of Joseph & Anna (Schmidt) Schroter of Pilsen, Bohemia & Timken, KS)






Family Genealogy - schulte / tieben

Schulte - Tieben Family History

Stegman, Margaret Schulte



168 p


family genealogy - schulz

Schulz, Herman John m 1 May 1819 Oberlin, Decatur, KS;






Smith, Nellie E sp b 24 June 1880 Danbury, Red Willow, NE







Family Genealogy - schutte, august h

An Adventure in Living . . .

Perry, Miriam Wight 1960



20 p


Family Genealogy - schwytzer / schweizer

Schwytzer or Schweizer Families



Research by Walter H Ruf, Untere Goldey

7 p


Family Genealogy - scoggins

Scoggins Chart




1 p


Family Genealogy - scoggins / dye

Genealogy of Scoggins Family: 1785 Ireland - 1991 Kansas;






Charles Wesley Scoggins, Sally Dye

Hood, Sharon 1991



127 p



family genealogy - scoggins, johan

Scoggins Family, An American Saga 1640 - 2002

Scoggins, Mragaret B

same Poplar Bluff MO 2002


306 p


Family Genealogy - scoggins, john

Estate of John Scoggins, 1725

Frink, Mrs Glen





Family Genealogy - scott

Album of Memories by Annie

Scott, Annie Albright & Steimel, Evelyn, editor

Spearville News Spearville, KS 1976


96 p


Family Genealogy - scott, arthur martin

Arthur Martin Scott, 1777-1858, His Ancestors & His Descendants

Scott, E Harrison

Otterbein Press Dayton, OH 1951


249 p


Family Genealogy - scott / blair

Our Scott & Blair Kinfolk (Descendants of Alexander & Elizabeth Cochran Blair & Andrew & Margaret Scott)

Scott, Mary & Edith, compilers 1992



234 p


family genealogy - scott / holmes

Descendants of James & Rachel Holmes Scott

Benkelman, Olive Porter Scott & Carnahan, Sallie S


also of Augusta County VA

391 p


Family Genealogy - scott / stacy

Ancestral Remnants, Scott - Stacy & Allied Names




45 p


Family Genealogy - scott / swan

Family of Thomas Scott & Martha Swan Scott, A Century in America 1856-1956, also a Sketch, 1956

Scott, George Tressler



70 p


Family Genealogy - scroggins / scrogin / scroggin

Scrogin - Scroggin - Scroggins: History & Records of George Scroggins Family of Charles Co, MD, Died 1700, Married Suzanna; Supplementary Booklet

Scroggins, A E, compiler 1964 & 1972



87 p / 32 p


Family Genealogy - scrogin / scroggin / scroggins

Scrogin - Scroggin - Scroggins; Includes Supplementary Booklet 1972

Scroggins, A E, compiler



119 p


Family Genealogy - sealock / cooper

Thomas Sealock & Susannah Cooper




1 p


Family Genealogy - seaman

Seaman, Vashti K, Widow of Dr Harrison J Seaman






family genealogy - seamans, benjamin b

Seamans, Benjamin d 18 Jul 1899 Galena, Cherokee, KS






Family Genealogy - seamans / ladd

Seamans Family in America as Descended from Thomas Seamans of






Swansea, MA, 1687 & Ladd Family

Lawton, John Julian, compiler Syracuse, NY 1933



300 p



Family Genealogy - seamen, william

Seamen - Hunt - Wright Genealogy

Seamen, William, Streiby, Mrs Irene Macy & Voght, Helen, compilers

Jobbers Pub Inc Indiana 1957




family genealogy - sears

Sears, William Riley m 25 Jul 1871 Doniphan Co, KS;






Rulo, Nancy Susan sp







Family Genealogy - seaton

Seaton Family With Genealogy & Biographies

Seaton, Oren Andrew

Crane & Company Topeka, KS 1906


441 p


Family Genealogy - sebren / sebring

Sebern - Sebering Family

Seburn, William, Taylor, Mary S & Sebern, Roy E E, compilers



24 p


family genealogy - sebring, Bert A.

Sebring, Bert Allen b 22 May 1873 KS;






d 22 Feb 1947 LosAngeles CA



Mother's maiden name Young




family genealogy - seebring, bert allen

BEEBRING, Bert Allen b 22 May 1873 KS; d 22 Feb 1947 CA






Father: SEEBRING, Mother:YOUNG







family genealogy - seeley / palmer

Seeley (& Palmer) Family, Family & Ancestors of Edgar F Seeley & His Wife






Ethel E Palmer

McIntyre, Ardath Seeley & McIntyre, Lawrence E

Blanding Gen Pub 1995





family genealogy - segebart

Segebart, Henry 1900 Sumner Co, KS






Family Genealogy - seibert

Seiberts of Saarland, PA & West Virginia

Bell, Raymond Martin Washington, PA 1982



43 p


family genealogy - seibert / hayes / martin

SEIBERT, Jacob H b 1849 OH d 1922 KS m






HAYES, Christina b IL  d 1890 (5 ch) 1/w







MARTIN, Beulah 2/w







Family Genealogy - seiloff

Family History Bits & Pieces of Martin Seiloff & Wife Caroline 1980

Grove, Edna Mae Seiloff & Pitts, Joan L Grove, compilers Casper, WY



32 p


Family Genealogy - selecman / harmon

Selecman Family, A History of Henry Selecman & His Wife, Margaret Harmon, of Occoquan, VA

Cole, Redmond Selecman 1942



151 p


family genealogy - selig, chad

SELIG, Charles D b Rozel KS d 1947 Cordell OK

Sheriff of Dodge City KS





Family Genealogy - sellens

Sellens of Kansas, A Genealogy of a Pioneer Family

Sellens, Alvin 1977



220 p


Family Genealogy - sellers - newsletter

Sellers Letters, v 4:3 (1986)


Sims Pub Co Sacramento, CA




family genealogy - serene / robertson

SERENCE, Virgil "Mike" Neal b 1909 Lone Elm, KS






d 1946 Oregon bur Garnett KS







ROBERTSON, Beulah Belle b 1911 KS d 1986 OR














family genealogy - servos

Servos Collection

Harvey, Mark Windsor





family genealogy - sessions

Sessions, Colonel m ca 1860/1872 Ford, Ford, KS;






_____, Cina C sp







Family Genealogy - sevier

1871-1872 Diary of J L Sevier - Account of 9 Weeks Journey in Bourbon, Anderson & Franklin Counties (KS)




36 p


family genealogy - seward

Seward and Related Families 3rd Ed






and We Remember Carroll

Seward, George C


Bradley, Bucks, Corbells, Days, Eleys, Hawes, Kloennes, Luys

360 p



Family Genealogy - seward

Seward & Related Families

Seward, George C 1987



230 p


Family Genealogy - seward

Seward & Related Families Incorporating We Remember Carroll - 2nd Ed

Seward, George C 1994



316 p


Family Genealogy - seward - newsletter

Seward Cousins, Various Issues

Pierce, Mildred Seward





Family Genealogy - sewell / ingram

Sewell Ingram Family Records;






Midwest Genealogical Soc Register (Periodical) v 7:3:123-124







Family Genealogy - seyfert, heinrich k friedrich

Heinrich Karl Friedrich Seyfert Family, 1816-1896

Seyfert, Gerhardt R

Printing Press Wichita, KS 1961


68 p


Family Genealogy - shackelford

Shackelford Clan Magazine; Genealogy of Shackelfords & Shacklefords,






1946 - 1957  2 Vol















Jones, T K, editor Lubbock, TX


monthly pub

668 / 480



family genealogy - shackelford

Shackelford Quarterly

Tully, Laura



14 p


family genealogy - shadley / caulkins

Shadley, Pearl b 1903 Montgomery Co, KS;






Caulkins, Herman sp;







Shadley, Israel / _____, Carrie







family genealogy - shadowens, Thomas P

Thomas P Shadowens b 2 Mar 1845 Cass Co, MO;






d 24 Nov 1928 Cass Co, MO; Declaration for Pension from Civil War










Schooley, Mary Eliza, sp; Shadowens, Myra Bell, dau

21 p legal



family genealogy - shaffer, gaumer p

Shaffer, Gaumer P b 1859 Donegal, Westmoreland, PA;






_____, Mary E sp d 30 Nov 1903 Dodge City, Ford, KS







family genealogy - shaffer / zimmerman

Boneset Tea and Beaten Biscuits, The Heritage of the Shaffer - Zimmerman






and Devore - Cuppage Families

Shaffer, Elizabeth Ann

Gene Pub Service Franklin NC 28734 1997


732 p



Family Genealogy - shanklin / sharman / stone / swain

Genealogical Data






Family Genealogy - shaw, george Henry

Genealogical Record of Early Settler of McPherson Co, KS - George Henry Shaw

Mary Wade Strother Chap KSDAR, compiler Salina, KS



7 p


Family Genealogy - shearer

Chart for Mary Elizabeth Shearer




2 p


Family Genealogy - shearer / stapp

Charts of Mrs Robert A  (Stapp) Shearer



ALSO: See pedigree charts for Mrs Robert A Shearer S-173 in Surname Notebooks



Family Genealogy - sheckler / schackler

Sheckler (Schackler)

Heiss, Joyce Sheckler, compiler

Closson Press Apollo, PA 1988


618 p


Family Genealogy - sheets, benjamin

Benjamin Sheets Letters, 1849-1872




20 p


Family Genealogy - sheldon

Sheldons of Essex Co, Willsboro, NY, 1784 - 1900s

Sheldon, Edward Gilbert



12 p


family genealogy - sheldon - newsletter

Sheldon Family Association Newsletter v 1-10 (1987-1995)

Sheldon Family Assoc

Fort Wayne IN



table of contents

family genealogy - sheldon - periodical

Sheldon Magazine with Index A Genealogical List of the Sheldons in America






v 6 (1969)


Sheldon Family Assoc Buffalo NY 1969

With notices of other families with which this intermarried




Family Genealogy - shelman, ludwig

Corporal Ludwig Shelman, Lancaster Co, PA


DAR Magazine v 119:3 (1985)




Family Genealogy - shelor

Reflections of Nellie A Shelor of the Occasion of her 85th Birthday, 2 Oct 1987






family genealogy - shenk

SHENK, Walter M d 1935 mar 1911






BOYD, Elizabeth H b 1887 Dodge City KS d 1965







ch: Walter, Fern Louise, dau







Family Genealogy - shepler

Shepler Data 1833 PA - 1863 Atchison, KS




6 p


Family Genealogy - sheppard, john

John Sheppard's Descendants from Scotland to America






Family Genealogy - sheppard / marshall

Sheppard, Marshall, Green, Gatchell, Hibbs, Dickens, Caldwell Genealogy






family genealogy - sherman / bogerd

Sherman, Clara;






Bogerd, Peter sp d 1962 Kinsley, Edwards, KS;







Sherman, John Edward / _____, Elizabeth







Family Genealogy - sherwood, daniel l

Daniel L Sherwood & His Paternal Ancestors Including Sherwood Evidences . . . Including Thomas Sherwood & Francis Sherwood


Ryder Printing Co Portland, OR 1929


390 p


Family Genealogy - shideler

Brief History of the Shideler Family 1710-1925

Shideler, H W Girard, KS





Family Genealogy - shipley

Chart for James Wesley Shipley, b 1907 Barton Co, MO




1 p


family genealogy - shipp

SHIPP, Allen Lee d 22 Oct 1961 Kinsley KS






SHIPP, Walter R d 7 May 1993 Kinsley KS







SHIPP, William d 14 Jan 2000 Dodge City KS







family genealogy - shippy / loucks

Shippy, William Francis b Admire, Lyon, KS;






Loucks, Maude Elenora sp b Deerfield, Kearney, KS;







Shippy, Aaron / Bodkin, Nancy A







family genealogy - shotsman

Shotsman, John b 13 Nov 1884 Ness City, Ness, KS;






Shotzman, Edward / _____, Virginia







family genealogy - showalter / phillips

Showalter, Allie Elizabeth b 19 Jan 1864 PA or OH;






Phillips, George D sp m 19 May 1883 Riley Co, KS;







Showalter, John / Decker, Catherine







family genealogy - shreve

Shreve, Jacob B b 1839;






Shreve, Wm M  d Apr 1889 Sharon, Barber, KS







(  ?  ), Elizabeth sp d Feb 1884 Sharon, Barber, KS



In KS Apr 1889




family genealogy - shriver

Shriver Family

Shriver, M/M Oliver





family genealogy - shriver / phillips

Shriver, Jacob d 13 May 1882 Clyde, Cloud, KS;






Phillips, Mary sp m 1849 Ross Co, OH







family genealogy - shroyer

Shroyer, Lewis b 1781;






_____, Elizabeth sp Madison Co, IN







family genealogy - shults

Mohawk Valley Shults Family

Shults, L. H. Herkimer NY 1964



69 p


Family Genealogy - shults

Shults Family in America - Johannes Schulteis, 1710 Palatine Immigrant

Van Wie, Sue McCartney & Rooney, Doris, publisher 1981



369 p


family genealogy - shults

Shultz Family Research

Rooney, Mrs Doris D Dodge City KS





family genealogy - shultz / sheldon

Shultz, Solomon d 28 Sep 1871 Sedgwick Co, KS;






Sheldon, Sarah sp







family genealogy - siebert / siewert, Abraham J

Abraham J Siebert Family Record

Cooper, Lydia Eck



93 p


Family Genealogy - simcock

Aaron Simcock; Letter from Ralph E Baldwin, Speedway, IN 1978




1 p


Family Genealogy - simmons, moses

Notes From A Simmons Scrapbook

Howe, Daisie D W



84 p


Family Genealogy - simmons, moses

Six Generations - Moses Simmons, Who Came to Plymouth on






Ship Fortune in 1621 & His Descendants

Howe, Mrs Daisie D W



82 p



Family Genealogy - simmons / shipp / griffith

Simmons, Shipp, Griffith Genealogy Tree

Corle, Harold R 1972



3 p


Family Genealogy - simmons, squire

Squire Simmons Family 1746-1986

Skelton, Dorothy Geneva Simmons 1986



978 p


Family Genealogy - simons, thomas grange

Thomas Grange Simons III, His Forebears & Relations

Simons, Robert Bentham Charleston 1954



211 p


Family Genealogy - simonton

Death Certificates Miscellaneous




38 p


family genealogy - simpson / chisum

Simpson, Inez m 14 Nov 1887 Dodge City, Ford, KS;






Chisum, Walter P sp Roswell, Chaves, NM;







Simpson, Ralph B / Johnstone, Perthenia







family genealogy - singer / king

Singer, William b VA; King, Nancy b VA






par of Singer, Samuel d 27 Nov 1907 Russell Co KS







sp Patterson, Margret Priscilla







Family Genealogy - sizelove

Sizelove Family in Kansas 1874-1917

Voorhees, Dorothy (Grier) Leavenworth, KS 1982



57 p


Family Genealogy - sizer, anthony

Sizer Genealogy A History of Antonio De Zocierer Who Changed His Name to Anthony Sizer

Holch, Lillian Hubbard

Bowles-Printer Brooklyn, NY 1941


498 p


Family Genealogy - skaggs

Kentucky Skaggs Records

Luttrell, Juanita, compiler

Heritage Printing Co Nashville, IN 1982


818 p

table of contents

Family Genealogy - skaggs / sorey

Charts for the Sorey Family & Riley Elkin Skaggs

Skaggs, Mrs Riley (Pauline Sorey), compiler



25 p


Family Genealogy - skelton, john

John Skelton of Georgia


Bailey Printing, Inc Charlottesville, VA


975 p


Family Genealogy - skillman

Chart for Everett Leroy Skillman & Thomas Skillman






family genealogy - skinner

Skinner Kinsmen Update Quarterly


Skinner Family Assoc 1999


31 p


family genealogy - SLACK / DIXON

Slack, Sallie d 13 Nov 1910 Leroy, Coffey, KS;






Dixon, Joseph H sp














Family Genealogy - slaght

Charts for Mary Elizabeth Slaught




5 p


Family Genealogy - slagle

Slagle Family in America Descended from the Schlegel von Gottleben Family of Germany

Slagle, A Russell



391 p


Family Genealogy - slater

Slaters, A Genealogy of the Known Descendants of John D Slater & Harriet Slater

Bell, Phyllis R, compiler

Cawker City (KS) Ledger 1972


195 p


Family Genealogy - sledge

Sledge Family from England before 1731 to Virginia & North Carolina

Hicks, Mrs Gifford, compiler



30 p


Family Genealogy - sloan / cuppett

Genealogy of Samuel Sloan & Mary Ann Cuppett

Sloan, Duane G, compiler & editor 1957



20 p


Family Genealogy - slocum

Slocum History

Slocum, Edwin H Van Nuys, CA 1975



204 p

table of contents

family genealogy - small

Small, Amos W 1885 Dodge City, Ford, KS






Family Genealogy - smalley

Isaac Smalley Family, History of Wm Henry Smalley; Newspaper Clippings & Obituaries




17 p


family genealogy - smith

Smith Papers v 2 #1,2,3

Sims, M

Sims Pub Sacramento CA 1981 / 1982

A genealogical research aid and clearing house for those with



SMITH family connections.

120 p






Family Genealogy - smith / anderson

Richard Smith m Caroline Anderson, DAR Papers of grdau Miss Mary Kelly




3 p


Family Genealogy - smith, archibald

Archibald Smith, Butler Co, KS Land Grant; Archibald & Mary Smith vs






Belknap Savings of Laconia, Butler Co, KS Document







Family Genealogy - smith, arthur

Arthur Smith Chart






Family Genealogy - smith / bash

Smith Family - Descendants of George & Barbara (Bash) Smith of






Westmoreland Co, PA & Cashocton Co, OH

Waters, Margaret R & Murphy, Donald D Indiana (reprint) 1963



280 p



family genealogy - smith / becker

Ancestors of Ray Ross Smith, Jr (1921 - 1992)

Smith, Nadine Roberts


Baldwin / Strait / Martini / Hickman / King



family genealogy - smith / chadsey

Smith, John I m;






Chadsey, Emily sp d 1908 Sunnyside, KS







Family Genealogy - smith, john m

Smith, John M Estate 1857, Macomb, McDonough Co, IL



Certified copy of John M Smith Estate

5 p


family genealogy - smith, john w

SMITH, John W b ca 1842 KY mar






LEWIS, Frances A b ca 1842 KY







Family Genealogy - smith / monroe

Smith, William A b Aug 1862 IA; d 1951 CA






Monroe, Effie Cleghorn b 1867 IA




3 p



family genealogy - smith, oliver perry

Smith, Oliver Perry b OH






1885 Census Edwards County KS







family genealogy - smith, ray ross, jr

Family of Ray Ross Smith, Jr

Smith, Nadine Roberts



1 p


Family Genealogy - smith, robert

Genealogy of Robert Smith, the Descendants Who Settled Near Castle Shannon, Washington Co Now in Allegheny Co, PA 1772 (1772-1923)

Smith, Edward U, editor

NY Genealogical & Biographical Soc 1923


311 p


Family Genealogy - smith, s s

S S Smith Family Civil War Diary & Letters (Historical Documents & Letters from the Stephen Shields Smith Family During the time of the Civil War 1861-1865)

Robbins, Lola Smith, compiler



87 p


family genealogy - smith / unruh

Jacob A D Smith Family, Parents Sam M and Susie Unruh Smith






family genealogy - smith / vernon

Smith, William Henry d ca 1921 KS;






Vernon, Elizabeth Ann sp m 7 June 1863 Tipton Co, IN







family genealogy - smith, William & Moses

Smith, William B d 9 Aug 1888 Cherokee Co, KS;






_____, Susanna sp d 26 Dec 1899 Cherokee Co, KS







Smith, Moses, brother of William







family genealogy - snell

Eighteenth Century snell Family in the Mohawk Valley

Martin, David Kendall M. A. 1982



133 p index


family genealogy - snell

Snell Family Genealogy (2Vol)

Long, Hallock Porter





family genealogy - snell / kilts

Descendants of Peter and Anna Kilts Snell

Sidnius, Carolyn Timmerman

Snell - Zimmerman - Timmerman Reunion Inc 1992


330 p


family genealogy - snider

SNIDER Family File by Zabriskie, George Olin






Family Genealogy - snider

Snider Family Report, Compiled for Hon James H McMoyle

Sabriskie, George Olin, compiler 1936



181 p


family genealogy - snider / harmon

Snider, George 1937/1938 Leavenworth Prison, Leavenworth, KS;






Harmon, Doris sp







Family Genealogy - snoddy

Samuel & Elizabeth Snoddy with Related Families

Stutesman, John Hale

Gateway Press Inc Baltimore, MD 1992


93 p


Family Genealogy - snyder

Snyder Family Containing Charts & Data of Snyder Name & Family,






Late 1700, Germany, Virginia, Pennsylvania & Ohio




21 p



family genealogy - snyder / bush

Snyder, Matilda Jan b 23 Jul 1860 Ft Scott, Bourbon, KS;






Bush, Thomas Henry sp m 2 Sep 1877;







Snyder, Asa J / Lierley, Lydia







family genealogy - soice / stiffenhagen

Soice, John Conrad b 9 Oct 1832 Carlsbad, Germany;






Stiffenhagen, Mary sp d 14 Nov 1883 Stafford, Stafford, KS







family genealogy - sparks

Sparks, Thomas M late 1800 KS






Family Genealogy - sparks - periodical

Sparks Family Quarterly (1953 - ) 6 Vol + Index

Bidlack, Russell, editor

Sparks Family Assoc Ann Arbor, MI




Family Genealogy - sparrow, Richard

Sparrow Family Genealogy, 1623-1871

Sparrow, Miss Sarah Norton, MA

Goodspeed Bookshop, Inc Boston 1938


14 p


Family Genealogy - spears

John E & Noah Spears in Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas, Texas






& Oklahoma 1755-1922

Gillespie, Helen Geraldine Hughes & LaRoux K, compilers 1987



370 p



Family Genealogy - speck / reed

Genealogy of the Speck & Benjamin Reed Families from 1754-1900

Speck, Isaac G

C L Speck, Job Printers Dupont, OH


149 p


family genealogy - spencer

Spencers of the Great Migration - Vol 1 (1300 A.D-1783 A.D )

Spencer, Jack Taif & Edith Woolley

Gateway Press Inc Baltimore, MD 1997


477 p


Family Genealogy - spencer / banning

Descendants of Jane Spencer & J Anthony Banning

Bastian, M Eilein (Rosebrook) & Fast, Barbara Eilein (Bastian)



22 p

charts index

family genealogy - sperk

SPERK, Carl/Charles Stephen b 1811 Austria






(will filed in Hodgeman Co KS)







family genealogy - spidle, james

Spidle, James;






_____, Daisy sp Graham Co, KS







Family Genealogy - spies

Spies Family of Schwarizeneau, Kr Wittgenstein Westfalen, Germany



Written in German

4 p


Family Genealogy - sprague

Sprague Families in America

Sprague, Warren Vincent MD, compiler

Tuttle Company Printers Rutland, VT 1913


587 p


family genealogy - squires / eakles

Squires, J W m 24 Oct 1896 Olathe, Johnson, KS;






Eakles, Viola sp







Family Genealogy - stacy / sizemore

Stacy: A Record of Some of the Descendants of William Stacy of Hawkins Co, TN & His Wife Dolley Sizemore

Scott, Mary & Edith

Mennonite Press, Inc N Newton, KS 1985


163 p


family genealogy - stahl / steele

Stahl (Steele), Ruth Alfreda b 1897 KS;






Stahl, Alfred / Mattson, Caroline







Family Genealogy - stalcop

Notes on the Early Stalcop Family in Delaware

Staulcup, Harry G 1946



93 p


family genealogy - stalcup

STALCUP, Hannah Jane (Lower) b 1835 KY m 3/w






STALCUP, Isaac 1867







family genealogy - staley / brooks

STALEY, John 1831 -






BROOKS, Helen A 1837 -







family genealogy - staley / page

Staley, Grace Minnie b 26 Feb 1889 Fall River, Greenwood, KS;






Staley, David Monroe / Page, Minnie T







family genealogy - standish

Descendants of Ann(e) Standish and Her Two Husbands






James Henry Charles and John Arthur

Charles, Willard & Virginia


Autobiography of William J Arthur (1926)

102 p



family genealogy - standley / olmstead

Standley, William b 17 Jan 1883 Douglas, Butler, KS;






Standley, Noble / Olmstead, Lottie May







Family Genealogy - stanley

Pioneer Memories

Stanley, Meda Deubler (Mrs Charles F) 1980



160 p


Family Genealogy - stanley

Stanley & Allied Families, Descendants of the Quaker Stanley Families of Colonial Virginia, Vol 1 Stanley History

Anderson, Alvin L Ph.D.

Gateway Press Inc Baltimore, MD 1996


410 p


family genealogy - stanley

Stanley and Allied Families Vol 25

Lewis, Wayne S

National Stanley Family Assoc  2000

Decendant of Thos (1752) Stanley & wife, Unity (Crew)

472 p


Family Genealogy - stanton / lord

Stanton & Lord Families




17 p


Family Genealogy - starcher, martha

Martha Starcher Chart






Family Genealogy - starin

Starin Family in America, Descendants of Nicholas Ster (Starin), One of the Early Settlers of Ft Orange (Albany, NY)

Stone, William L 1892



233 p


family genealogy - starostka / thomashiefski

Starostka, Frank d 10 May 1959 North Kansas City, MO;






Starostka, Louis / Thomashiefski, Lena







family genealogy - stateler / statler







family genealogy - states

States, Ray Elmer b 1902 McCracken, Rush, KS;






States, John Lewis / _____, Dora Grace







Family Genealogy - stauffer / kraft

Genealogical Record of Christian Stauffer Family & Philip Kraft Family (1816-1970)

Storbeck, Helen Manka



83 p


Family Genealogy - stearns

Memoranda of the Stearns Family Including Records of Many of the Descendants

Stearns, Willard E

Sentinel Printing Co Fitchburg 1901


173 p


Family Genealogy - stebbins

Genealogy & History of Some Stebbins Lines, Data to 1972 & Supplement

Stebbins, John A

Arell Printers Lancaster, CA

Autographed copy

170 p


Family Genealogy - steele

Diary of Cynthia Cook Steele of Iola, Allen Co, KS




14 p


Family Genealogy - steele

House of the Singing Winds - The Life & Work of T C Steele

Steele, Selma N, Theodore L & Peat, Wilbur D

Indiana Hist Soc Indianapolis 1966


209 p


family genealogy - steele / riley

Steele, Roger Earl b 28 Nov 1935 Dodge City, Ford, KS;